The Swift Squad #TakeControl

Seated on the chesterfield waiting for my turn to get my pedi done , I am busy on my phone but well everyone else is so why not. I am done scrolling through the twitter trends and there is nothing worth my attention, does a KFCB hash tag affect me in any way? Most definitely not but then I remember am a digital manager so I just gotta check what is all about because who knows? 


Before I click on my Instagram, a Safaricom text pops up and I am left wondering how on earth would my bundles be finished? But the truth is, when you receive the message it is because they are finished. First things first, I switch off my data just before I start being charged from my airtime. It gets me thinking what really happens with our bundles, does Safaricom have agent thieves that ‘eat’ our bundles kwanza usiku.


Well, now that my data is off it means am being deducted nothing at all, and am also not browsing. It feels good to know my airtime is safe and that I can only communicate when it is necessary. Hahaaa! Clearly no one steals our bundles, because if we switched off our data when not using the internet the we wouldn’t be complaining the way we do. Just the other day this guys, Safaricom had a system down time and we are sure they suffered some loss, could they be recovering with our data? Its a question any middle class is thinking about. 


Wait! Just before I closed twitter, #TakeControl was trending top and I just wanna tweet @SafaricomLtd and tell them how I can take control of my data now that I know I can switch of my data and just save my bundles in happiness but alas! the tag is sponsored by Safaricom and its all about the SWIFT SQUAD, a brand awareness team that will teach us how to save our data while using the various social media platforms.


So just before I realized my phone was already on and I was back on the internet and surfing with precious airtime. We need to come to facts that Kenya is the leading country  in the African continent in regards to the internet penetration with a percentage of 82 at least owning a smartphone, thanks to Chinese brands in Kenya. With this is mind it is almost impossible to survive without internet, just before I switch off my data its your time to discover the Safaricom swift SquadLets take control of our bundles, join the swift squad. 


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The Wefie Giant, S2Pro

Technology has become a set of new culture that is uniting people across the cosmic circle. The young and vibrant are at the center of this connection.


Being in their active ages, many youths compete to own the most flashy, latest and most advanced device within their circle. Being in possession of the latest model of a brand or a having a device with the most decent and top of the class specs comes with a show of might and makes one seem to be the ‘coolest’ of the squad.

In a world so vast, in a region deep down of Sub-Saharan Africa, its a competitive market for smartphone producing companies as each company strives to establish a niche and learn how to maintain their already established niche by satisfying the customer needs and demands.


Among the companies that have managed to stay top of the game are Infinix and Tecno. With a recent study the two brands are the most dominating both in east and west of Africa. The competition is such stiff as even the two market lions try to give each other a run for their money. The good thing with competition is that it helps companies to stay top of the game with each of them producing nothing but the best.


At the top of the game, Infinix released the Zero 4 plus just some few months ago and they are at it again. In the course of last week, they unleashed the sexy must-have Infinix S2 Pro. For any lady, this is a must have gadget as it is s trendy. To begin with Infinix S2 Pro boasts of its dual front camera, fantastic design concept and an awesome performance profile. Infinix did a fantastic job on this one. #S2Pro3

Now, at this moment you might ask but why should I buy the gadget, well relax we got you. The S2 Pro is a beast when it comes to keeping  your wefie game game in check. A Wefie is simply a selfie with 2 or more people. With the Wefie camera you get a 135° wide angle selfie and thus you can capture a group selfie without the need of a selfie stick. In addition to the wide angle selfie, the S2 PRO camera comes with a group beatification feature that ensures everyone in the group selfies looks good. With each social media platform  having the stories feature don’t you think you and your crew are just sorted? #S2Pro4

This wefie monster comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB as internal storage not to forget a Micro SD slot that can handle up to 64GB of memory. It is now guarantee that all your photos are safe for storage. The S2 PRO also comes with Android 6.0 with expectations of an upgrade to Android 7.0 sooner than later.  What else do you need in a phone? Now you definitely have no time to waste and the phone is available exclusively on Jumia Kenya by clicking here. 



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I don’t ask for much,
I also don’t settle for less,
You may think of gifts,
But at times all I need is your smile,
Sometimes it’s not about the action,
But the assurance that you can act,
Don’t focus on large,
There is power in the small things you do.

I know you love me,
But that midday text doesn’t hurt,
I know you are okay
But there is a sweet feel when I just call to confirm
Forget about the read and ignored text
We both love when its answered in person
Don’t focus on large,
There is power in the small things you do.


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Love is a beautiful thing or so they say. Its only when you have tasted it that you can have your own version to tell it to the world. It is even more worse when you have nothing to rely on but other people’s version of it to determine your love life. When you are in a relationship it is default that each of you is a succor of the other.


We are born different and this facts follows us the rest of our lives, in love should anything happen then do not use other persons’ narrative to determine or explain the direction and turn of events your relationship or marriage should take. Well, that said and done, three things are certain about the cause of termination of any love relation: violence, infidelity and desertion. Anything away from this is nothing but mere excuses that support someones own mischievous traits.


Redsan, who has been in the music industry for more than a decade now seems not to be blurred away by age as he always appears to be well kept and full of life, could this be the reason why he refers himself as badder than most? Well from his music he is bad-ass for sure. Releasing hit song after hit song he is a personality to reckon and if you are into reggae and ragga you will admit that he is the king of the genre in the region.


The sassy Vivian, known to many as Vivian Kenya has been in the limelight of the music arena since 2004 after her collabo track, My Dream with Jaguar shook the airwaves. Ever since then she has been doing a lot of justice to her fans and the Kenyan music community up to her latest collabo, Charm featuring Chameleon of Uganda. Full of beauty, vigor and African figure she can only deliver nothing but the best music. Attention3

With all the beauty and a mellifluous voice, who would desert such a lady? Many would be quick to say no one.  Facts remain facts though, many only put effort in the chase and once you have it under their hostage then they have nothing to put much effort towards. The big question is why does this happen to be a universal narrative among men? Ladies should this happen to you, just know you fell in for the tricks of a boy. Attention1

Over the past few weeks Mr Rumors went around seeking sympathy and telling people the Vivian  and Redsan were a thing and that they are seen spending some good time in exclusive places in the Kenyan Coast. Well just get it clear, when you have the best, you don’t flaunt it in public but guard it in secret chambers. The truth of the story is, this was nothing less that a music collabo and ATTENTION is the name of the song. The two artistes have mastered the interest of their fans and the Kenyan audience at large as this song is a whole new package of good vibes and a club banger. Have a listen of it HERE….. 

Special acknowledgement to Mainswitch Productions. At Tolbert Reports we give the song  an 8/10 rating. Enjoy



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The Mellifluous

In a world so vast, you need to go a notch extra and tighten your nuts a bit harder. Well this doesn’t seem to be a trick handsome gentlemen in the music industry don’t know. Trey Songz who has released two songs so far form his new album, TREMAINE which is set to be launched on 24th of this month. Trey has a stratagem to make a release every Thursday night just before this launch, now you have the word all you need to do is be on the look out.


Well, we all know he is a lover boy and this album seem to be nothing less of it. Formerly he has released the hit single, Nobody Else But You and on this new track, Trey takes oath on a rebound night out just before they head home for make up sex. Here are some lines from his track, Song goes off;


So good to see you here
We both know it’s been too long
Show me just how you feel
Before the song goes off
Back like we used to
This time I won’t lose you
I still adore you
You always loyal
I’m gon’ show you just how I feel

Back here we are not left behind, our boy Wizkid has also learnt the trick and deployed just in time. The sassy starboy did release three songs in a row all on the 1st of March. The first one was  Sweet Love, in which he talks of how cool and sweet love can be. Second he goes all African, where he saves the queen, 2Face’s wife a gesture that gets people back to dancing for the king. This is no African tale, I am talking of his latest collabo featuring 2face Idibia, Dance


To Wizkid, two are not enough, still on the same day he released yet another collabo featuring Wale which doesn’t talk of anything new but freaky love scenarios and all he is asking is for her to let her p*%*s drop for him. Have a listen of it here


Well, the trick most artistes have not realized is that when you release songs consecutively in less than a fortnight, you will spend less on marketing the songs and it will be easier to enjoy the vibe of the best songs among the released to publicize the other. These two are just but a mention, this trend has been well used by our very own King Kaka who releases most of his songs back to back and this has helped not only him but all who use this game plan to stay relevant in the industry. I rest my case here, but the call is out let musicians take heed to it.



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Sweet love 

‘Its your boy’ has been a phrase used by your favourite West African artistes but guess who used it first? Its none other thwn the don himself.

He recently release the hit single Daddy Yo, a feel good music with nothing except positive vibes that get you in the mood. The club banger had hit the airwaves with each African Dj garnishing his ot her mix with it.

Well just beforehe makes you dance to Daddy Yo, our boy is back this times yearning for love. Late last night he release another slow jam with love over it titled Sweet Love. There is nothing as bad as being delayed to listen to your favourite song and I just won’t do that so click here to listen to it.


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Octo’s Last Shot

Octo-Pi-zz-O as he spells his name is back. There are  so many events that have happened with the Kenyan rapper’s life, among them is his appointment at the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) where he has proved to be very focal to the Refugees with talent.


Over the past few months, he has helped and nurtured very many talents and this has been seen in the few top class tracks that have been released. Refugeenius is the name of the project that has seen many refugees stand on  their feet in their musical career.


That aside after five months of such a busy schedule, the don is back with a killer hit single that is irresistible to play on repeat. Octopizzo, has always been doing what the hip hop and rap genres are best known, beef after beef on the other artistes which is not a new thing it has been here for ages but this time round things are different.


The Last Shot is a change that none of Namba Nane’s fans had accepted as he shift from diss tracks to tackling real issues, Refugee Status. This however does not mean that he changes from his music style as it is a brand we all discern him with. The slow track with line after line of nothing but pure facts and solutions to the quandary the refugees are facing both in the camps and at the border. The beats the rhyming and the  repetition in the track is no unbefitting justice to your ears and time. Less talk, I wouldn’t resist but give it a 7/10 rating. Listen to it here and you will jibe that your repeat should spoil immediately after you press repeat on this track. octo-01-01