Just Another Rain 

Of rainy evenings and deep thoughts,

The scenes and sights we find romantic,

The sight of true love,

For true love nowadays,

Is nothing but a gold mine.


He who loves is taken for granted,

He who lusts is taken for a lover,

He who laughs filthily is taken for a true lover,

Love is for the rich and so be it.


Just like the weather outside,

I hold true of emotions,

I portray the feel inside,

The intentions and feelings unmatched,

The sound of it weak,

But the value always priceless.


We always avoiding the rain,

Even though we know someone needs it,

What if it’s the healing we need?

What if it holds the romance we dream of?

The sight of rain, is the sight of LOVE.


I picture of the days,

When we hold hands by the window,

And marvel at how beautiful the rain is,

Of its whirling sounds, and its hazy waves,

But not until the day has come

It is, JUST ANOTHER rain!




Of End Year Bonus 

Hello to the great nation in a great continent? I know most employees will hate me for such a post especially after the recently read country budget and checking the tax they are being deducted by KRA and even worse with a fine they have to pay for delaying to file their returns. 

Lets delve into investments for a minute. Now the basic hard fact is that most people who work so hard are paid lesser as compared to their counterparts in the top cream positions. Even though we complain of how low the pay is, we still strive to make sure we work harder to help the company achieve more and INCREASE our end of year BONUS.

I want to strike a middle ground for both the employer and the employee on this post so that in the end we are all smiling to the bank at the end of the year. 

Just like relationships and good governance, for an organization to thrive there should be high level transparency. Let the employers lay it candid and let workers know how much their efforts are bringing in as income and profit. Most employees think they play a very important role and bring alot of income to the organization and this is certified by the mere fact that there are bonuses at the end of the year, well at times this might not be true as some employers are just philanthropic (do philanthropic bosses even exist?)

I have just come to think of it, what if we all shared the happy times and got troubled together during the low turn over days? This can only be achieved by giving employees a share of the total company income. This means that for every penny that hits the company account each employee has a say on it. Does this mean more powers have been given to the employee? Actually no and NOT AT ALL. The share does not have to be 50-50 but just a reasonable percentage like lets say 35-65 or something close to that. Then within this 35% divide according to hierarchy or better still let them share equally. 

Now think of it this way, this actually means that the more the employee puts in more effort the more they earn should something go wrong then both them and the boss undergo a low income period. 

Being at the top at times is very challenging, you have to make decisions knowing you bear the top responsibility for them and at times your social class prohibits you from consulting your juniours. But with this kind of model, the employees are your fellow stakeholders in the company and therefore there is a pool of intellectual and strategic resources from the team and with this, in rare cases will the company lose out. 

As for the employee this will easen the Boss-Subject relations and perhaps make it even better since at no given point will the boss make a decision that when it goes you are blamed for being unproductive. Also this will help you stay more geared on the organizational missions and visions as everything is done in unison and its easier to track who exactly is not delivering and changes can be made in due time. 

All said and done, this will remain the employees wish for some time since our country’s economic maturity is still slightly below average for this to be achieved. Secondly the private sector is made of individuals who are too afraid to try out new models and reforms. I will close with a Congolese proverb; A SINGLE BRACELET DOES NOT JINGLE.