Why Kenyans won’t carry Powerbanks in 2018

Travelling home every once a year can be an experience worth looking forward to. This year it all started with a road trip to Naivasha on the weekend prior to the week I was to travel home, what a nice way to start a birthday month. Now you and I will both agree that Scorpios love class and I ain’t different from the bandwagon. We like to slay but in silence. naivasha

Naivasha is such a great place to visit, well it depends with where you go. Thanks Great Rift Valley Lodge for being such a nice place I would call home. Now with this in mind I knew Naivasha has awesome scenic views but my phone could not agree with me on this. With a hustler’s bank account, owning a professional camera is among some of the sweet dreams I wake up when they are half way.


That’s not all, when I got to Great Rift Valley Lodge I had only 30 percent of charge left and that’s when we had just arrived. Problems now began when it hit me that among the squad, I was the only Android user as the rest were iPhone users. Sema kwenda mteja! Thank God for power banks, because were it not for this invention then my weekend would have been ruined. power bank

But there is a catch here, the Lodge is located in serene environs next to Lake Naivasha National Park and you and I will both agree that unless you have a novel with you then one needs some music or booze to keep you company. Thank God someone remembered to carry a Bluetooth speaker just in case but this meant I was still going to use up my charge. spekers

I am going to tell you one thing, the future is bright and next year will be the year to go for road trips with a #NewWaveOfClass. When I came back from Naivasha, I met Dan, a friend of mine and gave him the experience I had out of town and that’s when he told me of the new inventory that will transform the road trip experience as from January next year. Infit Mod is the next in thing to check out for. infit

The innovation by Phatari Yusuf and his friend is aimed at upgrading smartphones, saving the consumer the cash needed to buy a new gadget, while also protecting it from possible damage. Infit Mod is a mobile phone back cover customized with animal prints and comes with several additional pieces of gadgets that are attached together as one package. infit3

The best part about this is that you get to choose between the basic or premium package based on your financial capability. When you buy the basic package, you get extra charging capacity (powerbank) and additional storage capacity while those on the premium package enjoy extra charging capacity (powerbank), additional storage memory, attachable Bluetooth speakers and attachable HD Camera Lenses.


I can’t emphasize this enough, when you buy the Infit Mod cover, you buy convenience, portability, reliability and a touch of swag all in one package and here is the reason why; the phone cover saves you the hassle of buying an extra battery, or carrying bulky power banks when on the move because you can charge two phones at ago, gives you the confidence to save bulky files without necessarily having to delete crucial existing files to create additional space, and with the attachable HD Lenses you get the opportunity of having your memorable moments captured in a portable detachable HD camera lens saving you the cost of acquiring expensive camera equipment, or hiring a photographer. Above all, you get to contribute towards wildlife conservation therefore becoming a key part of the solution.soon

Join me as we start the countdown to the launch of this amazing Kenyan product to the WORLD!



The Manchester Story

I write this with pain of the shame that Man U has made me go through. I have had the longest night as a Manchester fan and I am already asking myself if I should keep supporting the team. But you will agree with me that once you are a fan, a single defeat can never take down your love for the team. If you don’t think so then ask Arsenal fans. Now, apart from all the talk it still remains a fact that we are NUMBER 2, on the table. 


Well, what I can promise you is that Man U is going to lead the league this season! José Mourinho has crafted the team this season in a way that all the other coaches are considering to emulate in the next season and a season lead is the least we can expect. The Uniteds have been winning all the matches since the league started that everyone became a Man U fan and wanted to know how they will perform ahead of each game. This has one lesson to teach us, do your best and the world will join and make space for you. 


Yesterday, in the afternoon just before the match, I attended my graduation for the Centonomy  #CampusEdition that teaches on the essentials of financial management. Among the guests speakers who came graced the event were, Wanjiru Gichaga, a female pilot, Job Jura the founder of Home 254 and Mwenesi Musalia who answered my biggest puzzle on when is the right time to quit employment when you love what you are doing? 


I can stress enough the fact that at some point you have to call it quits and he too agreed to that. However, he says there is a difference between loving what you do and doing what you want. When you do what you want, you are driven by desire, which is instant and burns right within you that you cannot have peace with yourself unless you achieve it. This should be the driving force to your daily errands, strive to do what you want. The secret to this is how you package yourself and your message.  He further stresses the point that when you are deliberate and purposeful in all that you do, everyone will make space for you and your uniqueness.


Finally, you and I will both agree that Mourinho and the entire Manchester United team is deliberate and committed to nothing but winning the league this season. This however does not end there, they have packaged the team, based on its formation and match line ups in a way that winning almost becomes the only thing they can achieve. This has made us associate them winning and hence reserved the winning spot for them that when they were defeated yesterday it became the concern of everyone. That should be YOU to the WORLD, succeed in all that you do in that when you fail once, everyone becomes concerned and want to help you get back to your feet again! trick



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Sharon Mundia, the truth about Nairobi women.

Popular media personality, Sharon Mundia has had her fair share of the weekend and an early Monday after Kenyans sought out to mind her business for her. Well, in as much you might be having the screenshot in your phone gallery and just like me are not sure whether to believe it or not, here are five things you need to know….


Social media is not everyone’s playground! In as much as there are so many Kenyans spending their time on social media, most Nairobi career women are only on social media to either promote a friends product or have pages they follow because its their one stop shop or among their trusted sources of information. This is the reason you will follow them and they won’t follow back! It is because, YOU DON’T MATTER to them anyway. Are you getting returns on your hardly earned bundles? You can earn from them if you choose to. 


Choices are personal! Kenyans need to understand one thing, NO ONE OWES YOU AN EXPLANATION. We are all brought up in a different way and we only owe explanation to no one but ourselves. Once one becomes an adult, you get to choose what is good for you and you only. Maturity is knowing that you need no approval from anyone to determine what is good for you, so yes let us all MATURE UP! 


Its the 21st Century! Times are changing and we need to come to terms with this fact, the sooner the better. Nairobi is the country’s capital and most trends will hit the country from this beautiful city. The scene is changing and there is more than what meets the eye. Like I said earlier no one owes you an explanation of what the do and how well they do it. Truth be told is that a lot is happening that what meets the eye and you better be ready for it. 


We have bills to pay! Yes most of the Nairobi women have bills to pay and do not care what the world thinks of how they get to figure that out. There was a time when we you used to bash out chics like Huddah but now we are very busy buying their products and taking selfies with them like they have just become angels. The truth is, talk is cheap and most of these ladies know this so well. So before you head to social media to bash out and name call, ask yourself if at all you are paying their bills, if not then just shut the f&^% up! 


Street Cred! In the age of civilization, gender equity and women empowerment, the Nairobi women has come to realize that the last thing you can survive is street credits, not at all. On an early morning, you will find more ladies in town rushing to head to work than you will find men. Truth of the matter is that, the women is doing her thing though. Talking about them and struggling to please you who is idle and in your comfort is least of their concerns. All they know is, looking for their money and achieving their goals then mtapatana kwa hizi street ukilia vile madem wa siku hizi ni ngumu kudate! SEE YOUR LIFE 


That’s all for now, go out and GET YOUR LIFE MOVING.


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Campmulla, Camp or Mulla

Ulikuwa gig ya Hillsong? I nod my head and reply with, a ‘Tekno yawa’. Sorry, YAWA is actually a title to one of  Tekno’s tracks and to be honest I didn’t even know that there was a Hillsong gig in the 254 over the weekend. Well I won’t talk of the giffy Tekno performance and all the drama that came with it. But honestly why would you expect so much from a man with song titles like GO, WHERE, WASH, PANA, BE, DIANA and SAMANTHA?


Well, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, while we heckled Dj Creme and Tekno for wasting our hard earned cash and a night in the cold, the concert brought senses to our heads. It just reminded us that our Kenyan musicians are way better than the Naija artistes we worship. With it also came the great news, CAMPMULLA REUNION! What a night!


While we are all happy with the Campmulla vibe the question is how long will this last? It is not like they are the first ones to promise great things after a reunion. Secondly, are concerts a way of bringing back bands that have separated? Remember Yetu Festival? When Shinski and his former group were all brought to the same stage? audience-1853662_1280.jpg

We can only hope for so much hoping that the album will be worth their long silence and break from the music scene, the Nyashinski kinda thing, you get what I mean? Otherwise wakirudi na the songs like those of Mr. Nice when he got back into the industry, WE WILL HAIL THEM NO MORE! With the advancement and growth in the industry as a whole, as a Campmulla fan I can acertain that our spirits are high. instrument-2460279_1280.jpg

Releasing a song has never been a problem but the question is, why does it take long for musicians in Kenya to release a music video? Is it that most artiste conform to this trend by joining the ‘si wengine pia bado’ camp or is it the lack of mulla that keeps them waiing until the gigs from the audios pay off? Speaking of that Sanaipei released her Amina single 8 months ago and has come to release the video a fortnight ago and it is AMAZING if it is anything to go by.  Now this morning, Kenya’s female Mc,  Noti Flow has dropped a video of her track KAMATIA, 9 months after she had teased it as an intro of her diss track, FOREHEAD. Watch the video here


Meanwhile, nmeenda kususpport Kenyan Music. Peace out!  




The 11th Hour.

Many at times we are greeted with a good morning at half past 11 and you have to look at the watch before replying to avoid being caught off guard.  Mornings are always fine for me, except Monday mornings of course.

It’s 5 minutes to 12 and I just get my eyes off the laptop, I can’t really explain why but I have already done it. i look around my desk and all I see is an empty glass of water and a pencil besides it.  Then I ask myself, ‘what if this pencil is feeling thirsty?’ I even don’t understand why I feel pity for a damn pencil, but aren’t we supposed to be caring? Immediately I am hit with a craving of coffee that I just can’t explain, it is so burning inside that you can think I am in my eleventh hour without it I die the next minute.


Cravings can be so disturbing, addicts of coffee and tea can tell you this especially if you are attacked by a crave while in the office. For coffee lovers it’s either your hand stretch lands you on a hot mug of your favorite coffee or bar of dark chocolate. I have encountered one before and I can guarantee you it is not a good thing. It was bad to an extent that I usually have a bar or two in my drawer just in case.


This is gets me asking, what is a craving, what causes them and how best can we overcome them. Is there like a domestic remedy to a craving. Is there a scientific explanation to it? Is it a mental condition? Well as I wait for a good concerned friend to answer that lemme grab a cup of Rockbern Coffee.  They have the best coffee you can ever need when you have a craving. Buy Kenya build Kenya, for I am patriotic enough I will stick to Rockbern! They know coffee. rum3


The Swift Squad #TakeControl

Seated on the chesterfield waiting for my turn to get my pedi done , I am busy on my phone but well everyone else is so why not. I am done scrolling through the twitter trends and there is nothing worth my attention, does a KFCB hash tag affect me in any way? Most definitely not but then I remember am a digital manager so I just gotta check what is all about because who knows? 


Before I click on my Instagram, a Safaricom text pops up and I am left wondering how on earth would my bundles be finished? But the truth is, when you receive the message it is because they are finished. First things first, I switch off my data just before I start being charged from my airtime. It gets me thinking what really happens with our bundles, does Safaricom have agent thieves that ‘eat’ our bundles kwanza usiku.


Well, now that my data is off it means am being deducted nothing at all, and am also not browsing. It feels good to know my airtime is safe and that I can only communicate when it is necessary. Hahaaa! Clearly no one steals our bundles, because if we switched off our data when not using the internet the we wouldn’t be complaining the way we do. Just the other day this guys, Safaricom had a system down time and we are sure they suffered some loss, could they be recovering with our data? Its a question any middle class is thinking about. 


Wait! Just before I closed twitter, #TakeControl was trending top and I just wanna tweet @SafaricomLtd and tell them how I can take control of my data now that I know I can switch of my data and just save my bundles in happiness but alas! the tag is sponsored by Safaricom and its all about the SWIFT SQUAD, a brand awareness team that will teach us how to save our data while using the various social media platforms.


So just before I realized my phone was already on and I was back on the internet and surfing with precious airtime. We need to come to facts that Kenya is the leading country  in the African continent in regards to the internet penetration with a percentage of 82 at least owning a smartphone, thanks to Chinese brands in Kenya. With this is mind it is almost impossible to survive without internet, just before I switch off my data its your time to discover the Safaricom swift SquadLets take control of our bundles, join the swift squad. 


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Love is a beautiful thing or so they say. Its only when you have tasted it that you can have your own version to tell it to the world. It is even more worse when you have nothing to rely on but other people’s version of it to determine your love life. When you are in a relationship it is default that each of you is a succor of the other.


We are born different and this facts follows us the rest of our lives, in love should anything happen then do not use other persons’ narrative to determine or explain the direction and turn of events your relationship or marriage should take. Well, that said and done, three things are certain about the cause of termination of any love relation: violence, infidelity and desertion. Anything away from this is nothing but mere excuses that support someones own mischievous traits.


Redsan, who has been in the music industry for more than a decade now seems not to be blurred away by age as he always appears to be well kept and full of life, could this be the reason why he refers himself as badder than most? Well from his music he is bad-ass for sure. Releasing hit song after hit song he is a personality to reckon and if you are into reggae and ragga you will admit that he is the king of the genre in the region.


The sassy Vivian, known to many as Vivian Kenya has been in the limelight of the music arena since 2004 after her collabo track, My Dream with Jaguar shook the airwaves. Ever since then she has been doing a lot of justice to her fans and the Kenyan music community up to her latest collabo, Charm featuring Chameleon of Uganda. Full of beauty, vigor and African figure she can only deliver nothing but the best music. Attention3

With all the beauty and a mellifluous voice, who would desert such a lady? Many would be quick to say no one.  Facts remain facts though, many only put effort in the chase and once you have it under their hostage then they have nothing to put much effort towards. The big question is why does this happen to be a universal narrative among men? Ladies should this happen to you, just know you fell in for the tricks of a boy. Attention1

Over the past few weeks Mr Rumors went around seeking sympathy and telling people the Vivian  and Redsan were a thing and that they are seen spending some good time in exclusive places in the Kenyan Coast. Well just get it clear, when you have the best, you don’t flaunt it in public but guard it in secret chambers. The truth of the story is, this was nothing less that a music collabo and ATTENTION is the name of the song. The two artistes have mastered the interest of their fans and the Kenyan audience at large as this song is a whole new package of good vibes and a club banger. Have a listen of it HERE….. 

Special acknowledgement to Mainswitch Productions. At Tolbert Reports we give the song  an 8/10 rating. Enjoy