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The Wefie Giant, S2Pro

Technology has become a set of new culture that is uniting people across the cosmic circle. The young and vibrant are at the center of this connection.


Being in their active ages, many youths compete to own the most flashy, latest and most advanced device within their circle. Being in possession of the latest model of a brand or a having a device with the most decent and top of the class specs comes with a show of might and makes one seem to be the ‘coolest’ of the squad.

In a world so vast, in a region deep down of Sub-Saharan Africa, its a competitive market for smartphone producing companies as each company strives to establish a niche and learn how to maintain their already established niche by satisfying the customer needs and demands.


Among the companies that have managed to stay top of the game are Infinix and Tecno. With a recent study the two brands are the most dominating both in east and west of Africa. The competition is such stiff as even the two market lions try to give each other a run for their money. The good thing with competition is that it helps companies to stay top of the game with each of them producing nothing but the best.


At the top of the game, Infinix released the Zero 4 plus just some few months ago and they are at it again. In the course of last week, they unleashed the sexy must-have Infinix S2 Pro. For any lady, this is a must have gadget as it is s trendy. To begin with Infinix S2 Pro boasts of its dual front camera, fantastic design concept and an awesome performance profile. Infinix did a fantastic job on this one. #S2Pro3

Now, at this moment you might ask but why should I buy the gadget, well relax we got you. The S2 Pro is a beast when it comes to keeping  your wefie game game in check. A Wefie is simply a selfie with 2 or more people. With the Wefie camera you get a 135° wide angle selfie and thus you can capture a group selfie without the need of a selfie stick. In addition to the wide angle selfie, the S2 PRO camera comes with a group beatification feature that ensures everyone in the group selfies looks good. With each social media platform  having the stories feature don’t you think you and your crew are just sorted? #S2Pro4

This wefie monster comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB as internal storage not to forget a Micro SD slot that can handle up to 64GB of memory. It is now guarantee that all your photos are safe for storage. The S2 PRO also comes with Android 6.0 with expectations of an upgrade to Android 7.0 sooner than later.  What else do you need in a phone? Now you definitely have no time to waste and the phone is available exclusively on Jumia Kenya by clicking here.