Song Review

The Mellifluous

In a world so vast, you need to go a notch extra and tighten your nuts a bit harder. Well this doesn’t seem to be a trick handsome gentlemen in the music industry don’t know. Trey Songz who has released two songs so far form his new album, TREMAINE which is set to be launched on 24th of this month. Trey has a stratagem to make a release every Thursday night just before this launch, now you have the word all you need to do is be on the look out.


Well, we all know he is a lover boy and this album seem to be nothing less of it. Formerly he has released the hit single, Nobody Else But You and on this new track, Trey takes oath on a rebound night out just before they head home for make up sex. Here are some lines from his track, Song goes off;


So good to see you here
We both know it’s been too long
Show me just how you feel
Before the song goes off
Back like we used to
This time I won’t lose you
I still adore you
You always loyal
I’m gon’ show you just how I feel

Back here we are not left behind, our boy Wizkid has also learnt the trick and deployed just in time. The sassy starboy did release three songs in a row all on the 1st of March. The first one was  Sweet Love, in which he talks of how cool and sweet love can be. Second he goes all African, where he saves the queen, 2Face’s wife a gesture that gets people back to dancing for the king. This is no African tale, I am talking of his latest collabo featuring 2face Idibia, Dance


To Wizkid, two are not enough, still on the same day he released yet another collabo featuring Wale which doesn’t talk of anything new but freaky love scenarios and all he is asking is for her to let her p*%*s drop for him. Have a listen of it here


Well, the trick most artistes have not realized is that when you release songs consecutively in less than a fortnight, you will spend less on marketing the songs and it will be easier to enjoy the vibe of the best songs among the released to publicize the other. These two are just but a mention, this trend has been well used by our very own King Kaka who releases most of his songs back to back and this has helped not only him but all who use this game plan to stay relevant in the industry. I rest my case here, but the call is out let musicians take heed to it.




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