Song Review

Octo’s Last Shot

Octo-Pi-zz-O as he spells his name is back. There are  so many events that have happened with the Kenyan rapper’s life, among them is his appointment at the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) where he has proved to be very focal to the Refugees with talent.


Over the past few months, he has helped and nurtured very many talents and this has been seen in the few top class tracks that have been released. Refugeenius is the name of the project that has seen many refugees stand on  their feet in their musical career.


That aside after five months of such a busy schedule, the don is back with a killer hit single that is irresistible to play on repeat. Octopizzo, has always been doing what the hip hop and rap genres are best known, beef after beef on the other artistes which is not a new thing it has been here for ages but this time round things are different.


The Last Shot is a change that none of Namba Nane’s fans had accepted as he shift from diss tracks to tackling real issues, Refugee Status. This however does not mean that he changes from his music style as it is a brand we all discern him with. The slow track with line after line of nothing but pure facts and solutions to the quandary the refugees are facing both in the camps and at the border. The beats the rhyming and the  repetition in the track is no unbefitting justice to your ears and time. Less talk, I wouldn’t resist but give it a 7/10 rating. Listen to it here and you will jibe that your repeat should spoil immediately after you press repeat on this track. octo-01-01