In 1975, probably at a time when there was no respect for the black man as it is now, Arthur Ashe became the first black man ever to win Wimbledon, the most coveted championship in Tennis after defeating the heavily favoured Jimmy Connors.

Probably this might not make sense since some of us are not into sports and specifically Tennis isn’t there cup of coffee. But here is the most amazing thing, the black man proved that he too can.

In this day and time there are a couple of African now participating and even taking the lead in the Wimbledon Championship.

That aside the main element is how African are you? From Ashe’s win 41 years is a clear indication that anyone can go against their own personal odds. The power is within us and only us can change the situation. Saghguru, a yogi and visionary humanitarian once said, The only way out is to discover your inside. 

We often get it wrong because we spend most of the time focusing on the negatives about society and life in general. Roses too have thorns but subtly only the roses are focused upon and not the thorns. We often complain of bad leadership on the continent but what if we complemented them of the good things they do? They would change because reality will hit them that not only do we wait to focus on their mistakes but actually evaluate their scorecard both poaitively and negatively.

As this month begins, marking the onset of the second half of the year, lets choose to be positive, lets focus on the bright side of things and not be saddistic on every aspect. Illuminate other people’s days and it will help them go a little further, in the end they will also reciprocate that.

There is power in being AFRICAN, lets embrace. Till my next piece, lets make the continent PROUD.


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