Untied Laces

Candle Lit

Tik tak, goes the sound of the switch and OMG! there is no electricity. “Hunny do we have candles?” is the question that came out of her mouth. Knowing this will add my points, I went with the reply, “Love am always sorted out and ready for anything.” I shut the door behind and head to the kitchen to look for the match and the candles and light them up. So the house is lit, not to perfection but at least there is some light. To me came the thought that it is the night when sign languages will speak louder than words. blog1

So we all went to the kitchen so that we could prepare dinner. We get everything rolling with division of work, well i had to help her out though I might not have been willing but I didn’t want her to go away so that it could be a spoilt night. I choose to chop the onions and when she saw me shed tears she giggled and broke the silence with the  question, ” Hun I thought real men don’t cry?” I couldn’t even reply all i did was smile and the next second all I felt was her near me and whispering to my ear, “this is all we go through when you are watching telly in sitting rooms”. I now asked myself, why don’t we help ladies with cooking in the kitchen? Do we imply that the telly programmes are more important than them? Or is it that we have allowed our ego to take control us and we think it is a woman work to cook. Since I could not answer her statement all I did was hug and assure her that I will be here with  her when she is cooking.

As we waited for the food to cook, I lifted her and made  her sit on the kitchen tiles and she was all smiles I didn’t know she liked it, and just made sure i will carry her down and from room to room for tonight. So we started sharing stories of how parents used to be harsh when there was a black out back in the days and you were told to go sit on the couch and not attempt even stepping down from the couch. We were so drawn into stories one after the other that by the time someone called my phone, food was also ready.  So we serve the food and head to the living room to enjoy ‘our efforts’ (counting preparing the spices as work)

Just before we are done with our dinner the candles go off and we have to  use our phones (who charge was almost finished) to light  the room. We cleaned up everything and with out lack on our side, our phones went off as well. And now we were there, two lover birds, helpless in the dark


In utter darkness, we hold hands and with the other hands gaining support on the wall just to make sure we are sure of where the corridor we head to the bedroom. With our phones off and nobody busy with Whatsapp groups and Instagram selfies, so we squeeze each others hands, listen to the pulse rate of one another and resume the story telling session.


Love filled room with laughter and giggling renting the air as we reminded each other of how we met, how she played hard to get but was also afraid of losing me because she had already fallen in love. Suddenly the lights were back and we all rushed to the living room to get our phones charged. Alas, the memorable night was now ruined, spoilt and sour.


Love can be the best feeling if we all give it all we have, it doesn’t take money to be keep your love sparkled all through, it is very simple, find time for your love. We are all glued to our social media accounts that we tend to think love is only existence when it is intimate. It is funny how immediately after sex we all look for our phone and check out what we have been missing on the gossipy whatsapp groups and check who is where at the moment via snapchat. If you value your LOVE then give it the one simple thing it requires, TIME.


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